We Call Upon Your Patriotism and Generosity To Help Us Help Help Them. "Here's How You Can Help Make A Difference"

For more information about donations or how you can otherwise help support our cause, please contact Rich at 917 660-7463 or email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fellow Americans

Rolling Thunder® Fl. Chapter 8 is a non-profit Veteran’s focused organization approved by the I.R.S. and assigned Federal Group Exemption #3437, EIN# 52-1099913. Registered (Registration # CH33869) in the State of Florida under Chapter 496 Florida Statues, The Soliciation of Contributions Act. 

We are dedicated to raising the awareness and education of the POW/MIA issue and demanding full accountability of those “still unaccounted for", acknowledging veterans of all wars and supporting those presently fighting for our freedom. The services we provide are totally voluntary. All donations regardless of how large or small go directly to supporting the cause for which we stand.

Please note on your check or money order, in the coments box if you click on "Donation" as to how your wish your donation to be used.

Types of Donations

Monetary: Monetary donations are a great way to help. It allows you to give what you can, while providing us the flexibility to allocate your contribution where it is most needed at that time. Please make monetary donations either check or money order. (See the information below.)

Services: This can include providing printing or copying services, assisting in advertising and distribution, donating signage, banners and flags, and even volunteering your time attending and helping out with events.

Goods: This can include office supplies, toiletries, paper goods, playing cards, puzzles, small arts and craft items, stocking stuffers, water, soda, juices, packaged cookies, nuts, candies and other packaged snacks, caned goods etc. Clothing will also be accepted however please call for more details regarding clothing drives.

Promotional Items: Businesses can donate their promotional items; such as: T-Shirts key chains, combs, lanyards, hats, T-shirts, cup holders etc. It’s a great way to help, while advertising your business. A win-win, for your business and our cause.

Gift Certificates: Help us, while you introduce new business. Examples: free dinner for two, free oil change, haircut, gym membership, discount coupon etc. Gift Cceterficates are open to much creativity and it allows you to offer specials on those not so busy days and or items or merchandise.

 On behalf of the members of our organization, former and current service men and women who benefit from our programs, we thank you for showing that you care and that they are not forgotten.

 All contributors and supporters will be graciously acknowledged.

Florida State Non-Profit Status: Rolling Thunder® Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non- profit organization, Federal EIN# 52-1099913. Florida State Registration # CH33869. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division Of Consumer Services by calling: 1800 435-7352. Registration does not imply state approval, endorsement or recommendation.