When One American Is Not Worth The Effort To Be Found, Then We As Americans Have Lost.


      Rolling Thunder® Inc., Florida Chapter 8, was chartered in January of 2009, since we have been representing East Volusia County Florida We provide support to veterans, active military and their families.  We are strong Advocates for veterans benefits, rights and helping American veterans from all wars.

      We are committed to the education and awareness of over 81,000 American service men and women who are still unaccounted for from all wars since WWII, "Prisoners Of War/Missing In Action" (POW-MIA). We continue the demand the fullest possible accountability; their search, recovery and identification.  We are active in the  community providing support to other local veteran focused and charatable organizations for the betterment of all veterans, those presently serving and the community.

     We have in our organization a Official Certifying  Representative for the "Presidents Volunteer Service Awards Program." One of the highest awards one can receive for volunteer service. It is awarded through the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation. The Council, established in 2003 recognizes the valuable contributions volunteers  make in our communities and to encourage more people to serve. The Council created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor committed service-minded Americans.

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ROLLING THUNDER® INC. (RT Inc.) Was incorporated in 1995, as a class 501(c) (4) non-profit organization. It consist of about 90 chartered chapters with approximately 8,000 members throughout the United States and abroad. (See side-bar #21, RT State Chapters to locate a chapter near you.)

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. provides financial support to private search & recovery missions and the Vietnam Veterans of America “Veterans Initiative” search & recovery efforts. For those missing or killed in action in Southeast Asia. We support other veterans focused organizations, veterans and their families.

Legislation: Rolling Thunder®, Inc. has supported and/or co-authored legislation to improve the POW- MIA issue, veterans benefits, concerns and interests as follows. Also visit our Legislative page (sidebar #5 for what we are presently working on.

·  House Resolution 219: Establish a Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs.

·  Respect for Fallen Heroes Act of 2006.

·  Veterans’ Housing Opportunity & Benefits Improvement Act of 2006.

·  Veterans Benefits, Health Care & Information Technology Act of 2006.

·  Veteran-Owned Small Business Promotion Act of 2005.

·  Persian Gulf War POW/MIA Accountability Act of 2002.

·  Bring Them Home Alive Act of 2000

·  POW/MIA Memorial Flag Act of 2001

·   Displaying of the POW/MIA Flag over federal bld. & military facilities.

·  Missing Service Personnel Act of 1997

·  The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act.