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Ongoing Event: Daytona State College is collecting items for our troops overseas: Wipes, foot powder, candy chewing gum, snacks, chap stick, lotions, soap, tooth paste playing cards, pretzels paper, pencils wreting paper, drink mix etc. This will continue monthly until posted otherwise. RT FL8 members are encouraged to participate by collecting and bringing the items to our Membership Meetings.


New Missing Man Hornor Table

RT Fl 8 placed a Missing Man Honor Table in the Veterans Museum and Education Center in Daytona. The museum located at 166 Beach Street Daytona, is open Tuesday & Thursday from 1 to 5 and Saturday Noon to 4. Stop in and support this new facility in honor of all who served.


Letter from Carol Hrdlicka
wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka, POW, Laos

      Over Memorial Day weekend I went to DC to attend Rolling Thunder, an event that has been organized to support our American servicemen that were left to die in captivity. It was an impressive display of thousands of motorcycles supporting the men left behind, but needs to be followed up by action. I stood in the hot sun passing out fliers requesting signatures for a petition for my husband and the other POWs. After returning home I had great expectations of seeing the numbers for the petition start to blow up with the support of Rolling Thunder. However, I was sadly disappointed after a couple of weeks there were no signatures from Rolling Thunder.
      As I am getting older this petition is my last big effort and my last shot at gaining any political traction for the men left behind. If the President receives 100,000 signatures he is required to act. Over the years I have fought for my husband and the other POWs but one voice isn't enough. I need the voices of Rolling Thunder and am begging for help.
      The petition is on or on the web page it only takes a few minutes to sign the petition and show Rolling Thunder will take action. I am asking every Chapter of Rolling Thunder to post the petition on your web site to get your members to support our men who have suffered long enough.
       I thank you for your help please share with friends and fellow veterans.
Respectfully, Carol Hrdlicka
wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka, POW, Laos

PS If any chapter would like to take David as their POW poster boy that would be great.
6-25-16 UPDATE--I just found out that Obama is going to make a trip to Laos in September. This could be an opportunity to get the petition to him before his trip. Rolling Thunder could then have the credit for making this happen.


John LeBoutillier's Speech at Rolling Thunder's RIDE FOR FREEDOM

      On Memorial Day weekend, I had the great honor to be one of the main speakers at Rolling Thunder's RIDE FOR FREEDOM. This Ride is for one issue - and only one issue: the abandoned POWs still held alive against their will in S.E. Asia. For those of you who know me, you have long been aware that these POWs are my life: their recovery is all I care about.
      Why? Because it is, of course, reprehensible that they were abandoned back in 1973 - but, even worse, that our entire Political Establishment and our Media have purposely ignored the truth about these POWs ever since. Below is a YouTube video of my speech made by one of my heroes: Jerry Kiley, a Vietnam Veteran and one of the POW Issue's most effective activists - also known as The Stealth Activist:


The Traveling Vietnam Wall